About the Inspector

Chris Heyer

Licensed Vermont Home & Property Inspector

Growing up in southern New England, Chris spent most of his time outdoors. One of his favorite things to do was building forts using salvaged building materials while emanating building techniques he learned from home improvement shows such as “This old house” or “Home time.” These weren’t your average forts, but had proper roof coverings, framed, fully insulated, and sheet-rocked walls! As Chris went through high school, he worked as a carpenter’s helper learning modern building techniques and code compliance. After high school, certain of his passion for architecture and building construction, he attended New England Institute of Technology, acquiring a Bachelors of Science in Architectural Engineering in 2006. Working as a carpenter once again out of college; among several residential construction projects, Chris had the amazing opportunity of restoring a 1780’s farm house in Stonington, CT. 

After entering the commercial construction industry in 2008, he began to learn more about the different systems of a building structure rather than just the pure architectural components, especially in the mechanical and electrical disciplines. In 2011 he became involved in a more specialized field of construction: semiconductor manufacturing- which enabled him to work for a variety of engineering and construction management firms. Chris worked in various capacities within office and field positions directly responsible for the execution and completion of architectural, mechanical and electrical building systems.

Chris maintains his passion for residential construction and home improvement while completing many hands-on projects in his home as well as for friends and family. His love of architecture sparks a curiosity for homes that have a rich New England history.

Every home tells a story.

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